13 July 2010
13 July 2010

Daytrip to Tartu, Estonia

The awesome college town Tartu is about a three hour drive from Tallinn, but makes for a great day trip if you’re willing to get up early enough and also brave enough to figure out the Estonian bus system.  After finding the coach station (which is different from the bus station), we set about buying our tickets which meant sorting through numerous time tables and different companies until we finally found the right trip.  Though the busses were a bit run-down, like most of Estonia, they were wired with complimentary wi-fi!  

Tartu is a great city to explore on foot, and there’s lots to see: the University, the monument to the 10,000 born resident of Tartu (WINNER!), a big pig statue, and some beautiful cobblestone streets.  It also has a really great college-town vibe, and some good food to boot.  Some photos:

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